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Lap Band Results with NO Surgery

Lap Band Sessions in Detail

Session 1 — Creating Positive Mindset

  This hypnosis session is used to ease you into the hypnotic experience, allowing your subconscious mind to begin to accept powerful hypnotic suggestions to help you change the way you think, feel and behave towards food and exercise and yourself. This is when you will experience your first hypnotic relaxation session. You will be expected to listen to this audio at least 4 times before your next session. This will be preparation for your future weight loss success. You will also print out your Mental Band weekly food diary. The idea of this is for you to become more aware about your eating habits and to facilitate change.

  This first hypnosis session is designed to jump start your brain into a new way of thinking. Diane’s gentle progressive relaxation method, combined with her exclusive custom weight loss suggestions ensures that you will be relaxed enough to be open to powerful hypnotic suggestions, changing the way you eat, think and feel about yourself.

Session 2 — Pre-Op

  Even at this early stage of the program, many people experience significant weight loss, due to their motivation and desire to succeed. The powerful effects of the motivational audio from session 1 often begins from day one. You will have started to change your behavior towards food and exercise. The 21 day rule says that if you can change habits or behaviors for 21 days you have created a new habit. You start to eat smaller more frequent meals. You will also eat more slowly and stop when you are full. You will experience the feeling of being more in tune with your body, enjoying your food much more and eating much less. You will automatically start craving healthy, natural, fresh foods, understanding the importance of appreciating yourself more and not beating yourself up when it comes to food and weight.

  In Session 2 all the positive changes will be reinforced but this is also the “pre-op” session where the process of the mental band procedure will be explained in further detail and you will be helped to experience a deeper level of relaxation. In this session you will be ‘virtually’ introduced to your surgeon and your ‘medical team’, so that you will feel comfortable and know what is expected. You will be told that your stomach will be reduced to the size of a golf ball and that this process will result in you eating less and feeling full more quickly. This particular audio must be listened to at least once a day prior to your procedure.

Session 3 — The ‘Procedure’

  This is it! This is the day for your Mental Band to be fitted. This session will blow your mind as you will literally feel as if you are in the hospital undergoing a Gastric Band Procedure. Since your subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and imagination, you will believe that your stomach is shrinking down to a much smaller size. This will help you eat less and eat smaller, but more frequent meals, which is the key to long-term weight loss success. Watch the weight literally fall off after this incredible session as you begin to look and feel happier and healthier.

  Followed by Diane’s exclusive custom weight loss suggestions, you will begin to look and feel incredible for the first time in a long time, because you are changing your thought patterns at the very core of your being. You have prepared well for this day and you know in your mind that it is going to be a complete success. The audio from Session 3 should only be listened to once and after the procedure you will be given another recording to reinforce the subconscious belief that a gastric band has been fitted.

Session 4 — ‘Tweaking’ and Reinforcement of Band

  This particular audio is loaded with mind-altering processes that are designed to really get through to your sub-conscious mind. It has a very unique beginning. It involves a specialized process that creates a belief that healthy changes are getting easier and easier, without any effort or struggle at all. It also gives your subconscious mind a choice – either you can go back to your old ways of thinking and eating …..OR … you can stay on this new track permanently. It makes it a no-brainer! You are actually being pre-programmed that there is only one way to go! It takes all the effort out of it! This audio can be listened to on-going for as long as you need positive re-enforcement, guaranteeing amazing success.

Session 5 — Putting it all together

  This session is used if an adjustment to your virtual gastric band is required. Maybe the band needs slight tightening or maybe it needs loosening. Either way, this session will take care of it. This specialized session also includes a remarkable technique that tricks the mind into creating a rock-solid future ‘new you’ image. It is also crucial for further positive re- enforcement and is usually carried out 3-4 weeks after your “gastric band surgery” session.

Audios from Sessions 1, 3, 4 and 5 can be used for on-going
positive re-enforcement until goal weight has been achieved

Normally ------- $247
comes with Diane's Guarantee

Now Only ---- $97.00

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