Compare Surgery versus Hypnosis




Surgical Gastric Lap Band

Mental Lap Band with Hypnosis

What is it?

An adjustable silicone ring (band) is placed around the top
 part of the stomach to create a small pouch about the size of a golf ball.  

  • Under hypnosis, your mind contracts a band of muscles
    around the upper part of your stomach!

  • You actually imagine and create the narrowing of your
    stomach wall.

  • The constriction and the pouch formed are similar to a physical lap band in behavior and effects on your stomach. 

How does it work?

  • When food fills the pouch, the stomach signals “fullness.” 

  • Food trickles slowly into main stomach.

  • Adjustable through saline injection or removal through tube with port below skin.

  • You sense fullness with very small portions. Your hunger level is greatly reduced. 

  • Adjustable through mental (hypnotic) suggestions. 

  • Similar to physical band in sensation. 

What is the weight loss?

  • 60% excess weight loss.
    (Other more drastic gastric surgeries are 60%-80%) 

  • Requires the most effort of all gastric procedures to be successful. 

  • Your sub-conscious mind is running your body! 

  • Hypnosis-induced lap band is new to the US and recently successful in Europe. 

  • Hypnosis helps with deep-seated emotional issues that often lead to overeating. 

  • Hypnosis has been used to help people lose weight for many years.

What diet must be followed after the procedure?
  • Liquids only for several weeks, then pureed, moving to shredded and then regular food after about 6 weeks.
  • Your desire for water and healthy foods are encouraged hypnotically. 

  • You progress rapidly from soft foods the first week  to regular foods thereafter.

What are the long term dietary modifications?

(Note: Excessive carbohydrate/high calorie intake will defeat all

  • Must consume less than 800 calories per day for 18-36 months, 1000-1200 thereafter.

  • Certain foods can get “stuck” if eaten (rice, bread, dense meats, nuts, popcorn) causing pain and

  • No drinking any liquid with meals.  (Liquids flow
    through the pouch and wash the food out into larger stomach, defeating the fullness sensation, another method of “cheating”)

  • Your very small portions result in your calorie intake being less than your energy requirements, resulting in your weight loss. 

  • Your thorough chewing removes all dangers of anything “getting stuck”. 

  • The size of the pouch opening is under control of your mind. 

  • You use your mind to control the effect of liquids during meals. 


What nutritional supplements are needed? (Lifetime)

  • Multivitamin

  • Calcium

  •  Vitamin and mineral supplements are recommended until you
    completely shift to nutritional excellence

What are the potential problems?

  • Slippage                 
  • Port (where fluid is inserted) problems 

  • Infection 

  • Erosion (puncture of stomach) 

  • Blockage

  • Device malfunction

  • No potential problems. 

  • Your mind is in control.

  • There is a long list of beneficial side effects, especially if you have some other medical issues, or stress.

 How long is procedure? 

  • Surgery — 1 hour 

  • Hospital stay overnight ( less than 1 day) 

  • Office hypnotic procedure — 1 hr.  

  • Mental preparation for the lap band is two weeks with two one hour office visits. 

  • NO hospital

How much time off from work is required? 

  • 1 week 

  • none 

 What are other considerations?

  • Many insurance companies will NOT authorize this procedure. 

  • Individuals are generally left to their own resources for support afterward. Weight frequently returns to those who do not alter lifestyle eating habits.

  • Generally not covered by insurance. It is an investment in your healthy life! 

  • Health Savings Accounts are regulated by IRS Bulletin 503, which states that weight loss programs (except food) are covered if a doctor says weight loss is necessary because of some medical condition. 

  • The comprehensive program aids with positively adjusting attitudes and eating patterns. 

  • Continuing support services are available beyond the initial period as an optional weight wellness maintenance program.

  • The Mental Band Weight Loss Program can help surgical gastric band patients adjust their lifestyle for permanent weight wellness.

What is the cost?

  • $15,000-$30,000, generally for surgery only.  Other services extra. Usually no provision for lifestyle change assistance.

Complete multi-week , multi-faceted program that causes you to lose weight and adjust your lifestyle to your new smaller appetite:

  • Total Cost of Lap Band Hypnosis Program
    $97 (Download)     $147 (Hard Copy)