How the Program Works


   Diane Edwards’ Lap Band Hypnosis™ Weight Loss Program is a revolutionary ‘in-home’ weight management process.

It’s unlike any weight loss program you’ve done before…THIS IS NOT A DIET! ….This is a step-by-step structured process, where you will be virtually held by the hand to take you to your desired weight. It provides the results of lap-band surgery without all the risks, deprivation, cravings, and the sky high cost.

  Diane’s innovative program has been designed and recorded by respected Master Hypnotherapist Diane Edwards C.M.H.  Over the last twenty five years Diane has helped thousands of people with a variety of different issues and it’s this experience that makes this In-Home Mental Lap Band Program the best product of its kind on the market.


 All The Benefits Of a Gastric Lap Band Surgery
But Without any of The Risks

  By using hypnotherapy you can make your mind believe that you have been through the process of a gastric band procedure without ever leaving your own home! You will begin to lose weight quickly and easily, just as if you had a surgical gastric band fitted.

  In Diane’s step-by-step program, a creative process helps you believe your stomach is the size of a golf ball. You can only eat a very small quantity of food and you feel full very quickly. Since you will be eating less, you will want to make every bite count, so you will choose only the best foods for your nutrition.  

How Does This Cutting-Edge
Hypnosis Program Work?

  Diane’s Lap Band Hypnosis™ Weight Loss Program is comprised of a series of five audio sessions which takes you step-by-step through the program. These sessions help create new positive attitudes that make it easy for you to select only the healthiest foods. The sessions help you improve your choices, while eliminating emotional eating. Each session is accompanied by a short video, explaining exactly what you need to do.

First session:
  You will be introduced to hypnosis so that you can experience the fantastic feelings of relaxation and calmness which results from being hypnotized. This will include powerful life-changing suggestions beginning your journey to losing weight.
Results will start here!  Read more here!

Second session:
  As with any surgical procedure, a pre-op is always required. This program is no different. In this very unique session you will meet your ‘virtual’ medical team. You will be given a visualization of all the steps leading to the actual operation, such as meeting the surgeon and the anesthesiologist, really preparing you for the procedure. Also all positive changes are reinforced.
A second CD is provided. Read more here!

Third session:
TThis session will ‘blow your mind’ as you will literally feel as if you are in the hospital, hearing all the hospital sounds, while undergoing the Gastric Band Procedure. The MENTAL LAP BAND will be put into place at this time. Read more here!

Fourth session:
TThis is a very powerful session as it has you looking into the future at the weight and size you want to be.  This creates the perfect mental mindset to get you there. Remember, everything begins in the mind! The Mental Lap Band will also be adjusted if necessary, and all positive changes will be strengthened.
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Fifth session:
TThis will put the complete program together, reinforcing all the positive changes you have been making. You are now well on your way to the new, slim, trim healthy you!  Read more here!


Audios MUST be used to reinforce the changes you are making.

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